Youth project funding

Each pot of European funding has its own criteria, application process and deadline so you need to make sure you qualify for funding within the timeframe. If you need any assistance, speak to a member of Eurodesk staff and we will point you in the right direction. Eurodesk has a European Office to assist each European national partner gather the latest information on funding for youth groups and funding for youth workers. You can also directly visit the central Eurodesk website to get more information.

The following list is just to give you an idea of some of the organisations to which you could apply to get your project funded. Please remember that this list does not include all the funding organisations that give money to young people for their projects either in the UK or at European level. Remember also that the criteria or conditions by which these institutions give money vary from organisation to organisation. Funded is mainly focused on personal development and/or community participation. Some of them can be applied for individually but some of them ask for group applications.

It might be useful to consult, in each case, their websites and to read carefully their application forms. Try to find good examples of the kind of project you want to do from these organisations or from your local borough. It is very likely that somebody has done it before. Equally, feel free to contact them by phone and have a conversation with somebody who knows about how the grants are allocated.



Erasmus+ Programme

Erasmus+ is the new EU funding programme for education, training, youth and sport. It started on 1 January 2014 and replaces the Youth in Action funding programme. Erasmus+ offers a variety of activities to young people, such as volunteering, youth seminars, youth exchanges and youth initiatives. It also provides many opportunities to those working with young people, such as study visits, training and job shadowing. For more information please call +44 (0)116 957 7755, email or visit the Erasmus+ website.



Big Lottery Fund

This fund aims to support projects that will improve local communities and offer more opportunities to young people. They want young people to come up with ideas for projects and to be involved in making them happen. In particular, they want to encourage the involvement of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. These projects will help young citizens to achieve the following: being healthy, staying safe, enjoying early adulthood and developing as an individual, making a positive contribution and economic wellbeing. Individuals, voluntary or community organisations and institutions organising national projects can all apply. To find out more please call the BIG advice line +44 (0)845 410 20 30 or visit the Big Lottery Fund's website.


The Prince's Trust

The Prince’s Trust works with 14 to 30 years old offering training, mentoring and financial assistance. It offers small grants for getting into training, education or work. Equally, it offers support to those who want to start their own business or have had problems with the law or want to spend two to three weeks in Europe. Their grants vary from £50 to £3,000 depending on the programme and the help needed. For more information and to find out about your regional office phone +44 (0)800 842 842 or visit the Prince's Trust website.


The Rank Foundation

The Rank Foundation is a grant giving charitable trust, restricted to causes within the UK approved by the Charity Commission. It concentrates, among other causes, on encouraging and developing leadership amongst young people as well as supporting disadvantaged young people. For more information please call +44 (0)20 7834 7731or visit the Rank Foundation's website.



YouthBank is an innovative UK-wide grant initiative run by young people for young people. YouthBanks provide small grants to projects led by young people to benefit their local community community. For more information please call 0116 242 7446 or visit the YouthBank website.    


Culture programme

The EU’s Culture programme (2007-2013) has a budget of €400 million for projects and initiatives to celebrate Europe’s cultural diversity and enhance our shared cultural heritage through the development of cross-border cooperation between cultural operators and institutions. For more information please call +44 (0)20 3463 4560 or visit the UK Cultural Contact Point’s website

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