The ASHA Foundation (founded 1996) is a UK charity whose mission it is to create opportunities for young people to experience inspiration, connection and purpose. ASHA achieves this through providing a space for community, land and arts based activities, facilitating youth mobility and volunteering, advocating for the recognition of non-formal learning as well as training youth workers and leaders to be able to bring about positive change in their communities.

Through this mission, the ASHA Centre - where most of the Foundation’s activities take place - has become an active hub of intercultural and social youth events, hosting a range of educational, performing arts and land based programmes which meet the challenges and potential of our times. ASHA encourages young people to experience the joys and challenges of working on the land, living in community and engaging in their personal and social development. The vision at ASHA is that this will ultimately bring about a world where humanity lives in harmony with itself and the earth.

Towards providing educational opportunities to as many UK young people as possible, ASHA’s in-house team includes theatre practitioners, multi-faith educationalists, cultural and social pedagogues, political scientists, digital technicians, cooks and gardeners and others.



Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire
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