CEDEFOP Mobility Scoreboard

The Mobility Scoreboard database for Initial Vocational Education and Training (IVET) is a tool for assisting policy-making in the broad area of international learning mobility in IVET. It is intended for EU level and national level policy-makers; VET institutions; mobility agencies; companies involved in mobility; guidance institutions; staff involved in organising mobility activities; IVET learners and their organisations; experts; researchers; and the wide public. It provides detailed country information on the conditions for IVET learner mobility in Europe: analysing weaknesses and shortcomings; identifying good practices; and suggesting reforms. It addresses 10 key action areas: information and guidance on opportunities; motivating learners for mobility; preparing learners for mobility; removing obstacles to mobility; portability of grants and loans; ensuring mobility quality; recognition of learning outcomes; support to disadvantaged learners; partnerships and funding and involving multipliers.