Come to the UK

The UK is not only about drinking tea. We have excellent universities, great professional and training opportunities, and both beautiful nature and interesting cities to explore in your free time. And where else to perfect your English! Have a look at our opportunities and advice if you want to study, volunteer or gain experience in the UK.

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Work in the UK

Interested in working in the UK?
Check out our suggestions and start your career here!

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Study in the UK

Thinking about studying in the UK? Here is some useful information to start you on your educational journey!

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Volunteer in the UK

Want to make a change whilst experiencing British culture and polishing your English? We’ve gathered some suggestions to help you set off on your volunteering journey.

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Travel in the UK

Are you wondering how to move around the UK? Pack your umbrella and feel like a local with our advice and guidance.

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Plan and prepare coming to the UK

Thinking about moving to the UK? There are a few things you can look into before leaving your country.

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Local support

Browse the Eurodesk EU map to find the closest contact point to you and get support in your own language. There is plenty of information available online, but we understand that sometimes it’s easier to simply talk to someone and get a first-hand local advice.