CWVYS is the independent, representative body for the voluntary youth work sector in Wales. Since its inception in 1947, CWVYS has existed to represent, support and give a collective voice to its membership (currently 98 in number) of national and local/community-based organisations in their work with over 250,000 young people in Wales.

CWVYS works with organisations and individuals by delivering:

  • Sharing information and good practice
  • Funding support
  • Influencing local and national policy
  • Supporting diversity, equal opportunities, citizenship and social inclusion
  • Resource development
  • Training and accreditation and quality issues
  • Promotion of ‘Youth Work in Wales: Principles and Purposes’
  • Partnership projects in Wales, the UK and across Europe
  • Networking across Wales, the UK and more widely in Europe
  • Promoting the languages and cultures of Wales
  • Advocacy services








  • We are a large network of varied member organisations across wales, some of whom are EVS experts (UNA Exchange: hosting/sending/coordinating) 
  • Some of our members are seasoned hosts and participants in Youth exchanges and various other projects under  Erasmus+ Key Actions (BGC Wales:
  • Other members have a long history of supporting volunteers such as the Prince’s Trust and Duke of Edinburgh. 


  • We are promoters of youth worker mobility and very familiar with the application/grant reimbursement process from staff personal experiences.
  • We offer our members and the young people they engage with the opportunity of free training provision on Youth Work and Youth Information courses through Adult Learning Wales.
  • We are part of the ERYICA network and have attended several trainings, seminars and General Assemblies over the last couple of years.
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Helen Jones
Helen Jones