Eurodesk Annual Overview 2017: Empowering youth in Europe

The Eurodesk Annual Overview is released every year to give a glimpse on youth work best practices from all over Europe. The booklet collects Eurodesk projects from local, regional, national and European level.

During 2017, while carrying out its mission to raise awareness among young people on mobility opportunities, the Eurodesk network answered over 338,000 enquiries, printed and distributed over 613,000 publications, had 3.1 million social media followers and received 10.8 million website visits. Over 2,300 trainings were held by Eurodesk for around 40,000 participants to further enhance knowledge of youth workers from all over Europe.

Browse the 2017 edition of the annual overview and get to know more about Eurodesk’s training and development activities, its advocacy actions, and how the network supported the European Youth Portal, the European Youth Week and the European Solidarity Corps. In the publication you can also read about the Time to Move campaign and the Eurodesk Awards, as well as get updated on what the Eurodesk network was up to in 34 countries.