European Youth Portal

The European Youth Portal is a platform that helps young people from across Europe to find information on a range of topics as well as opportunities and events.


These can be national or international but should have a European link. The Portal is available in 28 languages and covers 34 countries as well as Europe overall. Make sure to select 'English' as your language and 'United Kingdom' as your country to find all the information relevant for you!

Young people can find information here on the following topics:


Volunteering: becoming a volunteer, EVS, volunteer stories and EU Aid volunteers

Working: jobs, start a business and work & learn

Learning: school & university, out of school learning and training

Have your say: young people making a difference, want to have your say?, ways to get involved and structured dialogue. 

Culture and Creativity: arts & entertainment, science & innovation and multiculturalism

Social Inclusion:your rights, your services, your community

Think global: discover the world, green world and safe world 

Travelling: start your journey, transport and accommodation

The European Solidarity Corps


Not sure how to use the Portal? Watch our short video here: 

You can find an overview of the latest news and events on the UK homepage. If you click through on the 'news' or 'events' buttons you will find an overview of all respective news items and events relevant to the UK. 

And if there is anything you cannot find on the European Youth Portal or you would like some specific advice then you can go to the 'Ask a Question' section. Here you can fill out a form with your question, say what country and topic your question relates to and a Eurodesk officer will get back to you within 3 working days. 

Sounds good? Well, what are you waiting for?! Go and have a look for yourself: