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The European Youth Portal (EYP) is a platform with information for young people under nine main topics as well as opportunities and events, both national and international.

The EYP is available in 28 languages and covers 34 countries. At Eurodesk UK we curate the content for the UK pages of the European Youth Portal, and we welcome contributions.

The current nine topics are:

  • Volunteering: Information and advice on how to start volunteering. Plus search for opportunities and organisations which are actively looking for volunteers;
  • Working: jobs, starting a business, traineeships, and internships;
  • Learning: studying abroad, out of school learning, and training;
  • Have your say: get involved and make your voice heard by those in charge;
  • Culture and creativity: arts and entertainment, science and innovation at your fingertips;
  • Sport and fitness: everything about your health, well-being and sports;
  • Social inclusion: your rights and services to feel secure and safe;
  • Think global: discover the world beyond Europe, green issues, safety and security;
  • Travelling: practical information about travelling in Europe with tips to get started, transport, and accommodation.

Ask a question

If you do not find what you are looking for on the European Youth Portal or you would like specific advice, you can submit a question online. Go to the 'Ask a Question' section on the EYP. There is a short a form to complete with your question, your contact details, and the country and topic your question relates to. Someone from Eurodesk will get back to you within three working days.