European Youth Week 2017

The eighth edition of the European Youth Week took place across Europe from 1 to 7 May 2017. It highlighted the solidarity and social commitment of young people in Europe, informed and celebrated the Erasmus+ programme and served to listen to young people's ideas on how to shape the future of EU youth policy.

With the slogan "Shape it, move it, be it", European Youth Week encouraged young people to shape their future by participating in the discussions on the future of EU youth policy, to move abroad with Erasmus+ mobility experience and to be part of the newly launched European Solidarity Corps, which gives an opportunity to young people to express their solidarity with those in need.

Young people are making a big difference in Europe, and European Youth Week celebrates their achievements. Read through the celebrations online using the #youthweek hashtag.



What happened across Europe?

In Brussels, the European Commission arranged discussions around the priorities and instruments of future EU Youth Strategies. They invited participants in order to ensure participation by a wide range of youth policy experts, Member State authorities, youth workers, youth organisations and young people in general. 

The European Commission also identified inspiring stories of young change makers who have made an impact in their communities, inspired other citizens and developed innovative ideas through the Erasmus+ programme. For the UK, this was Grant Poiner from Boys and Girls Clubs of Wales (video above).  

European Youth Week 2017 consisted of a broad range of events and activities organised in all 33 countries participating in the European Union's Erasmus+ programme, with the coordination and organisation of events entrusted to the Erasmus+ National Agencies for Youth.

Anyone could organise a European Youth Week event related to:

Have a look at, where you will be able to see an overview of the activities organised throughout Europe.


What happened in the UK?

Eurodesk UK had a stand at Creative Collisions on 3 May 2017, the UK’s leading youth sector event in 2017. Across the UK different activities took place organised by our Partners and Ambassadors. Have a look below to see what was on offer.


Activities Close To You

5th IARS Annual International Conference: Youth-led Solutions to Unemployment – The Voices of Young Marginalised Carers
EYW event organiser: The IARS International Institute (Eurodesk UK Partner)
Date: 27 Apr 2017
Address: Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, (Parliament Room) Middle Temple Lane, London EC4Y 9AT, UK
Format: International
Type: Registration Required

Focusing on young carers, one of the most marginalised groups in Europe, this international event will explore youth-led solutions to unemployment with the ultimate objective of bringing barriers down and informing international policy and practice.

Paving the way for the European Youth Week, the event will be a platform for young people, policy makers and representatives of youth organisation from Europe to explore youth-led solutions to unemployment and make recommendations for European youth policy and practice.  

Participants will have the opportunity to network with representatives of European youth organisations and hear first-hand about opportunities available to them through Erasmus+ programmes abroad.

The full programme can be viewed here.

Registration fee £35 (includes + up to 3 young people for free, CPD accreditation, lunch and access to 13 workshops of your own choice). Students £15 and for bulk bookings please contact For non-UK participants we are offering bursaries of up to 200 euros to cover travel and accommodation.

Walk and Talk for European Youth Week!
EYW event organiser: ASHA Foundation (Eurodesk UK Partner)
Date: 28 Apr 2017
Address: Part I: May Hill, Longhope, UK Part II: ASHA Centre, GL17 0EA, UK
Format: Local
Type: Open to Everyone

In the spirit of Nelson Mandella’s Walk to Freedom, the ASHA Centre will take 60 people (composed of past, current and future EVS volunteers, EVS volunteer coordinators and the wider ASHA community) to our local National Trust site; May Hill, Longhope. Here, we will do our very own Walk for European Youth and Youth Mobility which will involve:
-    A celabatory 45-minute ascent to the top of May Hill’s distinctive peak of pine trees
-    A 90-minute information session on celebrating European Youth and Youth Mobility with special emphasis on the role of the Eurodesk networks as well as the European Solidarity Corps. Sessions to be facilitated by Sandy Ascenso Carriera and Alexander Scott
-    A 45-minute descent after the workshop to enjoy the seasonal weather of the Forest of Dean
Upon returning to the ASHA Centre, our international and intercultural group of 60 will take refreshments before then heading into a World Café. The World Café will be hosted at the ASHA Centre, facilitated by Sandy Ascenso Carreira, supported by Alexander Scott, and look to cover several topics, including the following:
-    What is it to be a Young Person and / or a Youth Worker today in Europe?
-    What structures can best empower European Youth?
-    What are the concrete steps our community can take towards empowering European Youth?
The World Café will aim to finish at 20:00 but all attendees will be invited to carry on discussions and collaborations during the space if they so wish.

Walk for European Youth Week: Open to Everyone
Talk for European Youth Week: Closed due to limited number of seats


Eurodesk UK at Creative Collisions
EYW event organiser: Eurodesk UK
Date: 3 May 2017
Address: The Mermaid Theatre, London
Format: National
Type: Registration Required

One of the biggest youth sector events of the year, Creative Collisions will be a day packed with breakout panels, debates and workshops focused around four themes: social mobility, youth engagement, identity and skills for the future. Come find us in the Collisions Gallery!

Tickets can be purchased on the Creative Collisions website

European Youth Week Stand
EYW event organiser: Bryson Charitable Group (Eurodesk UK Partner)
3 May 2017 to 4 May 2017
Address: Belfast International Youth Hostel, 22-32 Donegall Rd, Belfast BT7 1RT
Format: Local
Type: Open to Everyone

Bryson Charitable Group will have a stand in Belfast International Youth Hostel foyer, promoting Bryson Charitable Group European Voluntary Service (EVS) activities, European Youth Week, Eurodesk with EVS flyers and resources.

Eurodesk Drop-In
EYW event organiser: Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council (Eurodesk UK Partner)
Date: 3 May 2017
Address: 14 Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1 3LH
Format: Local
Type: Open to Everyone

The European Youth Week 2017 is coming! For the occasion, ELREC as Eurodesk UK Partner will open its doors again for all the curious young people wondering what opportunities are available for them. 

Are you a young person living in or around Edinburgh and the Lothians? Are you wondering how to travel and volunteer abroad for free? Would you like to participate in youth exchanges but don’t know how? Ask the Youth Zone!!! 

Write your question to by Monday, May 1st. 
To find out the answer, come to our drop-in on Wednesday, May 3rd, 4-7 pm at Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council (ELREC).

Some surprises are awaiting the ones that will join us on that day!

European Voluntary Service On Arrival Training
EYW event organiser: Bryson Charitable Group (Eurodesk UK Partner)
5 May 2017 to 7 May 2017
Address: Mill Rest Youth Hostel, 49 Main St, Bushmills BT57 8QA
Format: Local
Type: Closed

Bryson Charitable Group will be coordinating a Eurodesk and European Youth Week information session during their 'On Arrival Training' for European Voluntary Service volunteers.

UKYA @ BJCEM Albania - Live-streaming event
EYW event organiser: UK Young Artists (Eurodesk UK Partner)
Date: 8 May 2017
Address: It is online but we are live streaming from the National Historical Museum in Tirana, Albania.
Format: Online
Type: Open to Everyone

UK Young Artists are representing the UK at the Biennale of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM). This year's international multidisciplinary event takes place in Tirana and Durrës, Albania from 4-9 May. It will bring together around 230 Euro-Mediterranean artists. The aims of this international network are to create opportunities for young artists to enable mobility, exchange, mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue, collaboration and training. As a partner we will be promoting EYW during the entire event. We will be specifically doing a live streaming event to reach out to all our Facebook likes/followers (who currently have access – this is over 5000 people). We will specifically be discussing the possibilities available to young people through the programme to travel & work across Europe.

Edinburgh Graduate – Exploring Skills Panel Q&A
EYW event organiser: International Voluntary Service GB (Eurodesk UK Ambassador)
Date: 16 May 2017
Address: Edinburgh University Main Library Building, Edinburgh University, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL
Format: Local
Type: Closed

The Panel Event is an opportunity for students to speak with employers about the importance of extra-curricular activities like volunteering. The event is open to all Edinburgh University students and organised by Ediburgh University Careers Service.

International Voluntary Service GB will be attending this event and promoting Eurodesk, European mobility opportunities and European Youth Week.

Edinburgh Graduate Recruitment Fair
EYW event organiser: International Voluntary Service GB (Eurodesk UK Ambassador)
Date: 30 May 2017
Address: Edinburgh University Main Library Building, Edinburgh University, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL
Format: Local
Type: Closed

The recruitment fair will allow final year students to speak with potential employers and international development organisations. The event will be open to all Edinburgh University students and is organised by Edinburgh University Careers Service.

International Voluntary Service will be attending and promoting Eurodesk, European mobility opportunities and European Youth Week.