The aim of the programme is to bring together school children for a day trip in Strasbourg. A group of about 500 secondary-school pupils, usually from the same age group, is invited to spend a day thinking together about the effects that European integration will have on their future.


  • To give young people an insight into the workings of the European Parliament;
  • To give young people a taste of Europe in a day of meetings and discussion on topical European subjects;
  • To make them aware of what is meant by democratic commitement.


  • The pupils have to make full use of their knowledge of languages in order to communicate with their opposite numbers from the other European countries, since interpretation is limited;
  • Public discussions in a foreign language;
  • multilingual working parties.

More information

It is advisable to contact the European Parliament office in your Member State for initial information. For contact details have a look at the European Parliament pages