Future desires

FUTURE DESIRES is an online space for young people to express their thoughts and wishes for the future, followed by an exhibition and a conference.

We make a wish when we blow out birthday candles, when we toss a coin into a fountain, or when we enter the New Year. Wish making is a ritual in all cultures and at all times. But there is usually one condition that must be met for what we desire to be fulfilled: that it be kept secret. It is a matter of throwing a wish into the air and waiting. Our action is over. What a paradox!

FUTURE DESIRES is just the opposite. Here desires are said aloud, shared. Here desires are starting points, not endings: they show us what we already are and what we want to become, as individuals and as a society. They are a call to joint action, from a feeling that is individual. From a feeling that brings us together.

In this project the voice is held by young people, but it is a space for everyone. We leave it in the hands of the generation with less voice but more confidence in change –in desires– to build this endless page, trusting that they will also build the future soon.

How does it work

Festival 10 Sentidos, together with Las Naves, the Social and Urban Innovation Centre of Valencia City Council (Spain), organizes this two-parts project:

FUTURE DESIRES WEBSITE From May 7th to November 12th 2020, young people from all over the world, aged between 15 and 25, will be able to share their desires for the future on an open website. These messages could be texts, images, gifs or videos, preferably in English or Spanish. However, everyone, not only young people, is invited to see and react to these messages and to share this website with their families, friends, students.

FUTURE DESIRES EXHIBITION On November 12th, 2020 at Las Naves, this generational testimony will be presented through a multimedia exhibition and a conference that will reflect on the desires gathered on the website. The authors of the most acclaimed posts will be invited to join this event online.

More information

Visit the FUTURE DESIRES website and find out more about Festival 10 Sentidos.