IARS International Institute

IARS International Institute was formally registered in 2005. In 2015, we celebrated our 10 official years of giving. Since our inception we have been providing world-class educational, research, policy and networking services of local, national and international significance. We are focused on empowering the most marginalised communities through direct service delivery, while enabling organisations to achieve, measure and improve their social impact. We are experts in the fields of Youth, Justice and Equalities. We also have a mission to transform young people’s lives by enabling them to have a better future, and participate equally and democratically in civic life. IARS' young people learn to inform policies and practices affecting them whether at a local, regional, national or international level. We are dedicated to helping deliver the EU Youth Strategy by "Investing and Empowering" our young people.


Maija Linnala

Email: m.linnala@iars.org.uk

Phone: 2070644380