Meet the new Eurodesk Executive Committee

The Eurodesk Network Meetings, celebrated twice per year, bring together Eurodesk national coordinators from all over Europe to work on improving the services of the network and bettering European youth information provision.

The Autumn Network Meeting in Riga, Latvia also provided the platform for the Executive Committee Elections.

The Eurodesk national coordinators elected five members for the new Eurodesk Executive Committee to enrich and represent the network for the next two years.


Eurodesk Executive Committee members


Ingrida Jotkaite (second from the left) is the first female President of the Eurodesk network. She is the national coordinator of Eurodesk Lithuania.

Eva de Luis (first from the left) is Eurodesk Officer in the UK. Eurodesk UK has been an active member of the network during the past few years through annual campaigns, trainings and events, and we are delighted that Eva is joining the Executive Committee.

Simona Jianu (third from the left) is the national coordinator of Eurodesk Romania.

Zsófia Bertalan (fourth from the left) is the Hungarian national coordinator.

Claire Conlon (not in the picture) is the national coordinator of Eurodesk France and was a member of the previous Executive Committee.


Eva de Luis said: "At Eurodesk UK our main priority is to reach and inform young people about opportunities in Europe through online and offline engagement. Our 35 multipliers throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are key to achieving this goal, and to showcase the impact and benefits of the programme for British young people."


With the new board elected, Reinhard Schwalbach – the former President, Enrique Gallardo, Giovanni Maccioni and Malgorzata Fiedot-Davies are finishing their mandate.