Momentum World is a not for profit international education and training provider based in the UK. Our mission is to enhance the career prospects of young people. Our aims are:

• To inspire young people and develop their employability.

• To increase young people’s understanding of global issues, and access to international projects.

• To facilitate employment opportunities and career pathways.

• To add value to formal education.

• To promote intercultural understanding and inclusion.

The themes of our work are employability, leadership, inclusion, global learning and intercultural understanding. We have a strong track record in all these areas, working across formal and non-formal education. We are experts in the use of film and media as tools for learning and development. Our courses encourage young people to develop internationally transferable / transversal skills – to become, active, curious, communicative, cooperative, broad minded, confident, adaptable, enterprising – and therefore employable. We emphasise progressive personal development through long term engagement with young people.







  • International non-formal education
  • Leadership & employability training for young people and youth workers
  • International projects
  • EVS coordinating
  • Youth exchanges
  • Youth worker mobility
  • Erasmus+ KA2 projects
  • Erasmus+ KA3 projects
  • Access to international training/volunteering opportunities
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Sarah Young
Sarah Young