Published 17 August 2020

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Meet EMA, our new Eurodesk UK colleague. 

EMA – short for Eurodesk Mobility Advisor – is a bot that functions as a virtual Eurodesk advisor providing friendly services available 24/7 to young people and youth workers.

The information that EMA can provide ranges from opportunities to study, work, or volunteer abroad, to practical information about going abroad. It can also signpost youth workers to useful resources, funding available and even sign-up to our newsletter. 

To ask EMA, users need to access the Eurodesk UK Facebook page and start the conversation on Messenger. EMA then guides you through a series of questions to provide you with the information you are looking for. It gives useful links where you can explore opportunities or expand your knowledge. 

By offering an automated yet tailored service, Eurodesk UK is an example of how technology can maximise the time and resources of staff to assist young people. In return, it can increase organisations’ ability to deliver information services and empower young people to get support and seek out opportunities.

Get in touch with EMA at

Great as EMA the bot is, if it does not work as you expected, you can of course still contact its human colleagues