partnetship for young london

Partnership for Young London (PYL) believes in a future where every young person’s right to wellbeing is recognised and fulfilled. PYL connects everyone who cares about young people in London – bringing together organisations, local and regional government, and young people themselves. Developing and sharing knowledge and skills, equipping others to help young people in London access the support they need and influencing policy and practice, as well as generating the new ideas that will help young Londoners thrive, are core to the work of PYL.   Set up in its current form since 2005, we are well established across London with links to all local authorities in London, Voluntary and organisations, think tanks, Further Education and Higher Education Institutions, and across the UK with regional equivalents. We hold large regular policy network meetings, events, seminars and conferences to support the sector on a range of themes affecting services for young people.

We are one of the leading organisations in the Vision for Young Londoners. A cross-sector alliance of over 100 organisations, setting out a unified strategy and set of values to help deliver a brighter future for London’s young people. For the past few years we have been in consortium building capacity across the voluntary and community sector organisations with over 3000 contact and provided training to practitioners and managers in areas such as business planning, safeguarding training, leadership and collaboration. 





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