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Published 12 June 2019

Navigating social media and following the fast-changing habits of young people can be difficult and time consuming. Eurodesk created its social media guidebook as a reminder of the essentials for the different social media channels, what to look out for and what to do to improve your online presence and services. It provides useful tips on how digital tools can improve youth information services.

Marketing professionals have invested a lot of thought over the years in understanding how they can make their messages relevant to today’s young audiences by understanding their lives, habits and attitudes. This is something youth work has always done; social media being an additional way to reach, engage and empower young people. But of course, it requires us to keep up the pace with technologic developments.

Based on the results of our Eurodesk Youth Information and Mobility Survey 2017 young people want to go abroad for two main reasons: to make a difference in society and to have fun. This is one element to take into account when communicating to/with them. In the guide you will find good practices of how to engage young people and work both with them and for them.