Traineeships and Study Visits at the European Parliament

The European Parliament offers different types of traineeships within its Secretariat - selected trainees will learn about the functioning of the institution and contribute to the vocational training of young citizens.

General conditions

  • be citizen of a Member State of the EU, or of an applicant country;
  • be aged 18 or over on the traineeship starting date;
  • have a thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the EU;
  • not have been awarded any other (paid/unpaid) traineeship by or paid employment of an institution of the EU.
  • a small number of citizens of third countries may be awarded traineeship in the European Parliament.

Types of paid traineeships

  • Robert Schuman scholarships, general option
  • Robert Schuman scholarships, journalism option

Robert Schuman scholarships, journalism option - candidates should demonstrate professional experience as evidenced either by works published, or by membership of an association of journalists in a Member State of the European Union, or by a qualification in journalism recognised in the Member States of the European Union or in the applicant countries.

Paid traineeships shall be awarded for a period of five months.


The deadline for applications are: 
- 30 November (for traineeships starting 1 March)
- 30 June (for traineeships starting 1 October).

Study Visits

The study visits are intended to provide citizens of the European Union with opportunities for more detailed study of specific subjects relating to European integration, either through consultation of documents in the  European Parliament's libraries or archives or through contacts with MEPs or specialist officials. Maximum duration of the study visit is one month.

More information

Visit the European Parliament website to find out more.