Whether you prefer to travel far and wide, or like to return to that nice little spot around the corner, we all find ourselves daydreaming about our next trip. That is why we brought together some useful hints and tips for you to start your journey, about transport and accommodation. 

Start your journey

Or do you like to do things a bit differently? 

  • Passenger rights: what to do in case of delays, cancellations or damaged luggage. 
  • Unusual transport in Europe: You might be familiar with taking buses, trains or flights, but some countries have more unusual ways to travel.
  • Flying is not the only option: With most European countries being close, sometimes you can reach your destination in different ways: train, bus, ferry are only some options to travel and explore Europe.
  • Short-stay accommodation in Europe: You have your trip all planned out: bags are packed, tickets are booked, but what about accommodation? Check out various options for an affordable stay during your journey.
  • Survival tips for your stay in a hostel: What better way to travel the world in a budget-conscious way, whilst meeting other people, than staying in hostels? Here’s how to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
  • Do you have a spare couch: Travelling is a great experience but accommodation costs can get high. Couchsurfing is one alternative way to arrange your stay without sacrificing any travel money.
  • Homestay Living: While studying, working, or volunteering abroad a homestay is a great option for accommodation.