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Meet Lu, from France. In this video, Lu talks about her experience and life as a volunteer in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Note: there are references to European Voluntary Service (EVS) in the video. This volunteering programme through Erasmus+ is now covered by European Solidarity Corps.

Lu’s placement was volunteering with Volunteer Now, the lead organisation in Northern Ireland for promoting and supporting volunteering. Lu volunteered with their youth team and felt so at home that she actually did extra volunteering at a festival and at a fundraising concert!

Lu decided to apply to volunteer after taking part in a civic service programme in France, where she discovered that she really enjoyed working with students and teenagers.

“Young people know what the future needs! They know what needs to be done to try and improve the quality of life. I wanted to be involved to give them a chance to make a difference.”

The chance to live in another country also appealed, and Lu says she loved Northern Ireland: “The history, the culture, the language! I loved hiking and discovering some amazing landscapes. I met so many incredible people.”

Volunteering is a great way to try something new. Being away from her comfort zone felt very positive for Lu and inspired her to try new hobbies include playing the ukulele.

Lu’s advice to anyone thinking about volunteering is that there will be ups and downs, but to focus on the “ups”: “If you’re open-minded and ready to try, go for it!”

There is something about France that Lu missed – to find out what, watch the video!

Video: Lu [Lucyle] Poinot


Lu’s placement with Volunteer Now in Belfast was organised by Eurodesk UK Partner Bryson Charitable Group and funded through European Solidarity Corps.

There are many international volunteering opportunities through European Solidarity Corps. Visit our volunteer abroad webpage to find out what you can do!