Young people’s experiences of life during the Covid-19 pandemic

Understanding the social impacts of Covid-19 on young people - become an action researcher and make a difference.

What is the research about?

This new project will bring together young people from seven countries to share their views and experiences of life during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research is funded by the Nuffield Foundation, and will be carried out entirely online, using methods such as videography, diaries and interviews.

Over the next 12-14 months, researchers from Ecorys UK and the University of Huddersfield will train young people as co-researchers, supporting them to document their family lives, peer relationships, education, and roles in society. The countries include England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Italy, Singapore and Lebanon.

The project will aim to gather new evidence to show governments, NGOs and communities how to protect young people’s rights and their wellbeing, and how to keep them safe during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

What’s involved?

  • Researchers from Ecorys and The University of Huddersfield will work with small groups of young people over the year. This will happen in the UK, Italy, Singapore and Lebanon.
  • The project will involve helping young people to share their views and experiences using different methods such as blogs/vlogs, photos, drawings, videos, diaries, and interviews. Young people will be involved in reporting the findings.
  • Participants will receive training from professional researchers and will gain new skills and experience for their CV, meet new people, and to gain a research certificate at the end of the project.

Who can apply?

To apply to be part of the project, you will need to be

  • 14 to 18 years of age
  • willing to share your experiences with others
  • able to access the internet (e.g. via a mobile phone, PC, tablet or laptop)

If you are under 16 years of age, then your parent or carer will also need to give their permission for you to be involved.

How do I take part?

If you would like to apply, complete the application form or make a short video clip and send it to:

The deadline is Wednesday 13th May 2020 20th May 2020

Please note that there are limited places, so Ecorys UK can’t guarantee that everyone who applies will be selected. However, they will share findings and progress updates, and you can follow the project on social media.

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