Youth work quality systems and frameworks in the European Union - Handbook for implementation

Improving Youth Work – Your guide to quality development is a handbook that targets all stakeholders involved in youth work, from young people to people working in public administration and politicians.

It provides the reader with an extensive and easily accessible step-by-step guide on how to engage in quality development in youth work. It gives the reader guidance on how to develop indicators, as well as the tools needed in order to see to what degree these indicators are met. The reader will also learn how to turn the implementation of a system for quality development into a means for positive organisational development.

By doing this, the handbook provides the reader with a solid base for continuous and knowledge-based quality development. The handbook is designed in a way that makes it useable regardless of the form of youth work concerned, how and by whom it is delivered, and the conditions under which it takes place. In addition to this, it also contains concrete examples of various tools for quality development currently used by different organisations. It also holds a section containing reference information.