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Like most of the world at the time of writing [early May 2020], Eurodesk UK Ambassador Georgina is adjusting to life online for work and socialising. Having applied for an ‘Online Thinkathon’ a few months earlier, it turned out to be perfect timing for the project to happen.

A Thinkathon is an intense, one-day collaboration. Georgina found the team ‘Overnight Policy Makers’, with members from the UK, Poland and Canada, on the Thinkathon agorize platform.

It’s been a beneficial experience to be involved in such a challenge. We soon flocked to Jitsi-Virtual world and started chatting about the digital future. We set up weekly discussions on topics ranging from Citizenship, Social Relations, Smart Cities, to Security and Education, and even local events such as taking the bins out in the UK or receiving letters from the friendly Canadian postpeople! 

Left to right Unessa, Ulfet, Dominic, Georgina

Overnight Policy Makers - left to right: Enessa, Ulfet, Dominic, Georgina

We have now reached the second stage with the ‘Digital Minutes’ project and will be welcoming Luca Selva from ThinkYoung to mentor us through to the next stage. ThinkYoung is a Brussels-based think-tank that aims to make the world a better place for young people, so this will be a great opportunity for us to gain insightful recommendations and advance our policy development project. The team has great hope in succeeding to the next stage, where the winners will be invited to a dedicated info session with policymakers in Canada or Belgium.

“What has come from this experience is that you can do a lot of networking and developing online. We can become involved in decision-making processes, influence decision-makers just with a click of a button and through these supported initiatives such as Thinkathons, it can lead to further opportunities in Europe and all around the world.

You don’t necessarily have to be driven by travel to enjoy international connections - the vast global networking can be both fulfilling and rewarding.

“The current situation that we are in has clearly demonstrated to us the benefits of both networking and connecting with others, and just how easy it is.”

Story by Georgina Cooper, Eurodesk UK Ambassador


Interested in Thinkathons or other ways to get involved? Visit the Eurodesk Opportunity finder and find out what you can do!